Bluetooth Hearing Aids – How They Help

The dawn of a new day is among us with regards to hearing aids and everyday functionality. More people are wearing hearing aids at a younger age than ever before so naturally they’re going to be features targeted towards the younger, tech savvy, cliental. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of those same features as well.

Bluetooth hearing aids and the advantages for all user types

Some people think of Bluetooth hearing aids as being an un-necessary feature or bell and whistle, but ask yourself if better sound quality for the TV would be a positive outcome for you and your spouse? Or more clarity on the telephone, home phone or cell phone, would be a huge benefit? This is were Bluetooth hearing aids can really make a noticeable improvement in your day to day life regardless of how active you are day to day.

TV Quality and Clarity

No more turning the TV up louder than a rock concert to hear the dialog. No more annoyed spouse or family member yelling from the other room to “turn down the TV!” Listen to the TV at your exact hearing loss level without bothering your family members and at the same time getting the proper clarity without excess volume. That’s what Bluetooth hearing aids can do for you!

Most Bluetooth hearing aids have adapters that can plug into virtually any TV set on the market. Within 5 minutes of plugging in the simple set up, you’re ready to go. No wires, no additional clunky headphones, and most importantly the hearing aids will amplify the sound to your specific hearing loss needs. The end result is better quality sound, more clarity, and a happy spouse and family members.

Telephone and Cell Phones

When you think of Bluetooth technology most people think of that annoying person in the supermarket that looks like they’re talking to themselves. But what about when you’re in the privacy of your home or car, wouldn’t it be nice to get better clarity while talking on the phone to your sister in New York or your son in Michigan? Bluetooth hearing aids are so universal that they can wirelessly hook up to most landline phones (adapter might be needed) and pretty much any cell phone. Now you can talk for hours with a friend or family member without saying “what” or “repeat that.”

No matter what your lifestyle, work or retirement status, or your age, Bluetooth hearing aids can be a huge benefit for most people with hearing loss. Consider giving them a try when you’re ready to buy your new set of hearing aids.

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