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Hearing Aid Batteries Available at Affordable Prices

Welcome to the hearing aid battery center from Hearing Aids Direct. We developed the battery center to make it easy for our customers to research information about hearing aid batteries as well as purchase the correct battery for their hearing aids. If you have any additional questions or concerns by the end of this tutorial, please call or email our support team at the information provided below.

Hearing aid batteries and how they work:

The first thing you need to know about hearing aid batteries is that they are unique to any other battery available. Even though they look similar to other types of batteries, they are much different. Hearing aid batteries use a Zinc Air formula for producing energy. This process of storing and releasing energy allows the hearing aid battery to release energy on a level curve up until the energy is almost gone. Once the energy is 90% depleted the hearing aid battery will decline rapidly.

For example:

Some batteries might use energy on a sliding curve (shown in figure 1) which means that they decrease evenly over time; at day one they are at 100%; day 2 they are at 98%; day 3 they are at 96%; and so on.

Hearing aid batteries hold on to as much energy as possible until they are almost completely discharged (shown in figure 2). Instead of a steady decline you get 100% power on day 1-5; 98% power on day 6-10; 96% power on day 11-13; and finally on day 14 your hearing aid battery will discharge from 96% power to 10% within a few hours.*

Hearing aid battery sizes

They’re four common sizes of hearing aid batteries currently available. The only difference between the four sizes is capacity (i.e. the larger the battery, the more energy it can store = longer battery life). The only reason why manufactures use different size batteries is due to the size of a hearing aid and space that is available for the battery; the smaller the hearing aid, the smaller the battery.

Sizes available:

10 or 10A = 5 – 8 days of battery life

312 = 8 – 15 days of battery life

13 = 12 – 22 days of battery life

675 = 18 – 35 days of battery life

The battery life depends on the type of hearing aid and the settings in the hearing aid. The settings are determined by the wearers’ individual hearing loss. This is why two people can have the exact same hearing aid, yet have totally different battery life lengths.

Hearing aid batteries - brands and options.

A lot of people ask us if they make a longer lasting or better quality hearing aid battery. The answer is one in the same. Just like any other product they’re good and bad quality products available. Energizer, Rayovac, Duracell are some commonly known manufactures of all types of batteries, but there are a few more brands that rank high on our list. Power One is a branch off of one of the larger manufactures, however, they specialize in hearing aid batteries and make a great product for the price. Eco Gold is a unique company that specializes in over the internet and mail order batteries. They offer great quality hearing aid batteries at a reduced price. Either one of these brands are a good option for a quality hearing aid battery at a reduced price. A tip for trying a new brand of battery

If you are looking to switch your hearing aid battery brand, one useful suggestion is to start small. Don’t buy 50 packs of a battery brand that you’ve never used before. The best way to figure out if the new battery is the right choice for your needs is to test it and here’s how you do that. When you are down to your last pack of batteries, record how long each one lasts. Do this for at least two separate battery changes. Then buy one pack of the new brand and do the same thing. If the new pack is roughly the same length or more, then you can feel confident buying a large quantity for convenience and to save money.

This is the end of our battery tutorial. If you have any additional questions please call or email us anytime, we’re here to help!

(877) 828-HEAR (4327)

*Examples given on this page are for demonstration purposes only. Hearing aid battery life will depend on the individual hearing aid, settings, and wearers’ environments. Results may vary.

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