Unitron Moxi 12 BTE Hearing Aid

A fully automatic, natural listening experience

Sounds great, and its hassle free. Moxi offers you high-fidelity, natural sound to bring back the sounds you’ve been missing. Advanced technologies enable the hearing aid to mimic the sound as if it was using your ear anatomy to amplify what you are hearing, as well as reduce any delays or echoes that may occur with the sound entering an open ear canal and a hearing aid.

Moxi eliminates distracting or unnecessary background noise, automatically, naturally and in any setting, so the quality sounds of your life are available for you to enjoy.

Speech takes the spotlight

Moxi puts the spotlight on speech in a noisy listening environment. It illuminates the speech you want to hear with brilliant clarity, while the sounds you don’t want to hear fade quietly into the background.


Moxi goes beyond small size and great looks

The advanced technologies of Moxi™ work together to highlight the quality sounds in your life. With Moxi, you will experience exceptional sound quality through fully automatic operation plus superior SmartFocus™ intelligence.


Moxi features at-a-glance

We invite you to learn more about the features available within the smart, small and sophisticated Moxi family.


High-fidelity sound

Uses state-of-the-art technology to meet all your unique hearing needs where the number of bands relates to the fine tuning of the sound.
Moxi 20 – exceptional sound quality across 20 bands
Moxi 12 – superior sound quality across 12 bands
Moxi 6 – great sound quality across 6 bands


Automatic performance

Allows for speech clarity and noise comfort in challenging listening situations.

Moxi 20 — clear, effortless listening automatically in the range of sound environments from Quiet to                       Speech in Noise to Noise and special treatment of Music
Moxi 12 — clear, effortless listening automatically in the range of sound environments from Quiet to                       Speech in Noise to Noise
Moxi 6  —  clear, effortless listening automatically in the range of sound environments from Quiet to                   Speech in Noise


Binaural Phone

With Binaural Phone you can hear a phone conversation in not just one but both ears, increasing your ability to hear and participate in phone conversations

Available with Moxi 20 and 12


Self learning

Over time the adjustments you have made are recognized as your preferred settings and are applied automatically the next time you encounter a similar situation.

Available with Moxi 20 and 12



Allows your hearing aids to communicate with each other so that changes to volume or program selection on one side can be automatically applied to both ears.


Automatic telephone solution

Switches automatically when you get a phone call.


Feedback management system

The feedback management system is designed to provide a comfortable listening experience with less chance of your hearing aids whistling due to feedback.



AntiShock™ immediately detects sudden, jarring noises like a door slamming or dishes clattering and reduces them to make the sound comfortable, while preserving the quality of other sounds (such as speech) in your environment.



MyMusic™ is a dedicated setting that brings out the rich, full tones to enhance your overall listening experience and appreciation of your favorite music genres: rock/pop, classical, folk, country, jazz/blues or general music listening.




*** Unitron requires face-to-face sales of all their hearing products. Currently they do not allow online sales of their hearing aids. For more information please call us toll free at (877) 828-4327***

Prices are per unit and require a binaural purchase

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