Unitron Passport

Built upon revolutionary technology that is easy to understand, Passport™ premium hearing instruments allow you to achieve significantly better hearing. Passport empowers you with the confidence to communicate, even in challenging listening environments.

Intelligent: It knows just what to do

Passport automatically matches your hearing instrument settings to your surroundings using an array of advanced, adaptive features.

Personal: It listens to you

Passport’s smartFocus™ technology allows you to fine-tune your hearing instruments in a whole new way, increasing listening satisfaction no matter where you are.

Connected: It opens new doors

Passport supports the Unifi™ Wireless System making it even easier to connect to the people, places and technologies in your life.

Passport™ - Performance


Passport™ is a premium product that offers an extensive collection of advanced technology. Meeting the challenges of demanding environments, Passport includes the following advanced features:



Provides control over your listening experience. SmartFocus™ lets you focus on sounds in front of you or experience a gradual increase in awareness of sounds all around you depending on your listening needs.

Unifi™ Wireless System

Delivers hearing and listening convenience with automatic communication between your hearing instruments and your TV, cell phone, audio devices, and more


As you move between various listening situations, AutoPro4 transitions to ensure a comfortable listening experience. The AutoPro4 automatic program has optimized settings for four categories of listening environments: quiet or just speech, speech with background noise, intense noise, and music.


When you make adjustments to your smartFocus™ or volume control, your hearing instrument is gradually learning just how you like to hear in each situation. The next time you encounter a similar situation, these refinements will occur automatically. Offered only with our Smart Control remote, you can teach your hearing instrument your preferences with a single click of the learnNow button.

Speech enhancement LD

Adaptive directional microphones help you enjoy clear speech in a wide variety of listening situations. Plus, advanced speech enhancement amplifies speech to make conversation easier to hear.

Feedback management system

The feedback management system is designed to provide a comfortable listening experience with less chance of your hearing instruments whistling due to feedback.


AntiShock™ detects sudden, jarring noises like a door slamming or dishes clattering and reduces them to make them comfortable, while preserving the quality of other sounds in your environment.


MyMusic™ is a dedicated setting designed to enhance your overall listening experience and appreciation of your favorite music.

Smart Control

This optional remote control enables you to adjust features like your volume control or SmartFocus to your listening preferences. It’s discreet, ergonomic and convenient.


The Passport line up from Unitron comes in the following styles:

- Full Shell through Canal custom hearing instruments

- Moxi 3G CRT

- Moxi 13 CRT

- Moda 13 Slim Tube

- Moxi Power models



*** Unitron requires face-to-face sales of all their hearing products. Currently they do not allow online sales of their hearing aids. For more information please call us toll free at (877) 828-4327***

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