Unitron Quantum 20

Quantum™ is a new generation of fully automatic hearing instruments that allows you to experience the most natural, effortless listening. Wherever your day takes you, Quantum lets you hear conversations in challenging listening environments with ease, enjoy music as it was meant to be heard, and connect seamlessly with all your wireless communication and entertainment devices.

Natural effortless hearing

Quantum is available in three technology levels: 20, 12 and 6

Natural effortless hearing

Adjusts automatically to any listening environment

With Quantum, you can move through life, enjoying natural sound, hassle free. Quantum continuously monitors your listening situations and adjusts its settings automatically to provide you with an individualized listening experience that is precisely matched to your world.

Speech takes the spotlight

SmartFocus™ works as your champion in any challenging listening environment, allowing for speech clarity and noise comfort while reducing unnecessary background noise.

The Quantum advantage

  • Special phone feature allows you to hear your caller’s voice clearly in both ears without the need for a separate accessory
  • Premium wireless stereo can be transmitted from your TV directly to your hearing aids
  • Program and volume adjustments can be made to both hearing aids at the same time
  • Setting preferences are preserved
  • Connects wirelessly with many devices – MP3 players, cell phones and FM systems


*** Unitron requires face-to-face sales of all their hearing products. Currently they do not allow online sales of their hearing aids. For more information please call us toll free at (877) 828-4327***

Prices are per unit and require a binaural purchase

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