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Hearing Aid Accessories

A lot of people think that hearing aid accessories have to be directly linked to the make and model of the hearing instrument which is not always true. On one hand you have a select few hearing aid accessories that are specifically made and programmed to a particular hearing instrument. On the other hand you have hundreds of hearing aids accessories that can be universally used with multiple makes and models of hearing instruments.

In this short tutorial about hearing aid supplies and hearing aid accessories we will show you some great products that can help improve your hearing lifestyle.

Tele-Coil Hearing Instruments

We’ll begin with possibly the longest running hearing aid accessory and technology still being used today, the telecoil or t-coil. A telecoil consists of two parts; a telecoil receiver in the hearing aid; and a telecoil transmitter which is located in the device sending the sound or signal. When the two devices are close together (within 2-6mm) the hearing aid can wirelessly receive the signal directly into the circuit of the hearing instrument and reproduce the sound at the proper amplified level for the user. In easier terms, when you put the device up against the hearing aid, you hear the sound clearly through the hearing aid. The telecoil has been around for a long time and still has many uses today for better hearing quality.

This brings us to the next technology and type of hearing aids accessories, the FM Loop and induction loop system. A FM Loop system and induction loop system also interact with the telecoil in your hearing instruments. These systems are often found in Churches, Auditoriums, and many other venues. An induction loop system is a great alternative to a Bluetooth hearing aid setup, even though a Bluetooth hearing aid setup is much more universal and better quality, the induction loop system can be used with any hearing instrument equipped with a t-coil. A great example is if you have an older set of hearing aids with out Bluetooth capabilities, the t-coil is the next best thing. With an induction loop system the wearer simply puts a small, lightweight device around their neck, switches on the t-coil in their hearing aids and the system is ready to go. Feel free to browse our t-coil hearing aids accessories section under Telecoil Devices to find more information.

To find more hearing aid supplies and accessories, please visit the hearing aid accessories link at the top of our home page. Under this link you will find all of our hearing aid supplies and products.

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